Spring Pruning

Since the last update there have been quite a few changes around Longwood Gardens. I have become more confident as a climber and individual within the Arboriculture field. During the months of February and March I worked on a checklist for the group to better organize our rigging supplies. This process consisted of checking the overall […]

Christmas in Spring?

The past couple of months since the last post have been strictly designated to the removal of all the Christmas lights.We had an extraordinary amount of guests pass through the gates over the Christmas season. It feels good to consider myself a part of the season along with taking a few guests through the gates […]

Sugary Maples and Fabulous Franklinias

Monday September 21- After a rather short weekend Monday kicked off with nothing in particularly special. The guys and myself included were thinking where did the weekend go? Immediately following our morning meeting I went with my supervisor and we pruned some Bird’s of Paradise in the children’s garden inside the Conservatory. An interesting fact about […]

Lighting the Way (Week 2)

Tuesday September 7th was the first official day in which I began my internship with the Arborists. The training wheels were off my bike and I was in the real work world. At 6:00 am in the building called “The Anvil” I had my first morning meeting with the Arborists. The plan for the day […]